Turntable to AudioFuse to SONOS: how can it be done?

Hello fellow sound explorers! This one is kinda challenging.
An improvised personal setup project:

In Brasil trying to make my affordable Brasilian suitcase modeled turntable (Sonetto by Raveo) play through my SONOS Beam (2nd gen.) using AudioFuse rev. 2 as a bridge to connect them (since there’s no way to connect them directly). The current attempted setup is as follows:

  1. FROM Turntable LINE OUT RCA Output
    TO AudioFuse PHONO RCA Inputs (3/4)

  2. AudioFuse Control Center (ACC) configs.:

    • PHONO button is ON
    • Signal showing up on PHONO LINE 3/4
    • DIGITAL OUT is set to ADAT
    THROUGH SONOS optical adaptor/HDMI dongle

SONOS is set to receive TV audio through HDMI via optical transmission, so I’ve set it up as if it were receiving from a TV.

And, of course, it isn’t working.

Not sure what the problem might be. Could be with the improvised SONOS configuration. Could also be the optical ADAT output’s configuration. Could be both. Signal reception shown on PHONO LINE 3/4 on ACC is always almost at max peak as odd as it may seem (surely this turntable does not pack this kind of punch).

All gear is brand new and working juts fine for it’s typical purposes, and I currently cannot acquire any other kind of gear or accessory to get the job done.

How can it be done?

I don’t actually own any of this equipment, but my guess would be that the Sonos adaptor is expecting 2-channel optical S/PDIF input (aka TOSLINK) rather than 8-channel ADAT. These use the same connector but are not compatible.

I don’t know much about this turntable, but from the manual on the website it looks like it has a built-in preamp and line-level outputs, so you shouldn’t need a separate preamp. I think there are inexpensive RCA to HDMI converters that could do what you need, without having to involve the AudioFuse.

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I see! That makes sense. I’ll give it a try.

Also just came to realize that it’ll be best to find a way to quiet down those in-built speakers when the turntable LINE OUT is actually playing through another speaker, cause it seems to me they’re wired to keep on playing regardless.

Anyways, now AudioFuse goes back to the studio where it belongs to fulfill its original purpose.

Thanks and all the best from BR.

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