Turning off velocity of the pads

Using the beatstep pro in control mode to trigger a 1010music blackbox with the pads.
But I would like the velocity to be off, so each pad is basically a play button, on & off, in control mode!
I know there is a possibility to set velocity level in sequencer mode , but can’t find how to do it in control mode, basically just turning that velocity off so I can just play the blackbox samples without the volume being affected by how I press the button.
I hope I’m clear, I tried everything already, looked everywhere online and in the manual, I’m stuck, so I try asking here.

Hi @Tzii . Welcome to the community.

I don’t have a Beaststep PRO. But if i look in Arturias Midi Control Center, then there are min and max velocity settings for each pad.
If you set min and max to the same velocity value, then the pad will get that fixed velocity i would say.
It’s only in MIDI note Mode a pad use velocity.

I don’t know if there is a single parameter to switch velocity off for them all. if so, then i assume the info is in the manual.
Perhaps someone else know?

Hope this help you on the way.

thanks it helps, but thing is, impossible to sync the beatstep in midi control center, same thing with keystep, it says they are connected, but impossible to sync … everything is up to date, all drivers, firmwares or whatever … :frowning:

I think you can change the settings from your Beatstep PRO hardware.

I’m not sure how sync works or if it’s even needed to be synced to make this changes. However you should be able to Sync.
There is a FAQ here: https://support.arturia.com/hc/en-us/articles/6104313005340-MIDI-Control-Center-General-Questions
Look under Midi Console.
If this does’nt help and you also can’t find info in the manual, then i suggest you contact Arturia support through your account.