I’m using the AL with bluetooth to play/learn songs and the device is out of tune. I see no way of altering the tuning. where would I find master tuning?

In the manual, there is a master tune setting, but it’s not in astrolab (yet?).
I don’t think astrolab is out if tune, maybe the file you are listening to.

i totally agree with @kk1000 , bluetooth audio is more or less out of tune, depending on the source. I tried tu use it with Jamzone App for my practice on ios devices and the audio stream is out of tune and with a ton of delay, making audio streaming totally useless (3 sec. delay). I am disappointed, there are too many bugs or missing features and i feel frustrated, not happy for giving “fuel” to Arturia.
Really hope this Astrolab is not an AstroCrap

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I was not able to determine if the device was astrolab or the bluetooth product, hence my answer ;-))

Hi !
I didn’t mean to say that you were wrong, and it’s always better to look for all the causes without prejudice! I’m just little pissed off because a new product should be placed onto the market without such issues, or lack of features. Hope Arturia will fix all these problems soon!

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