Trouble with organ patches

My B-3 patches, most, not all, have a hum to them that may be a stuck MIDI note, or something else. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, how did you fix it? Thanks in advance.

Hi @kywheeler and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

If it’s not all of them, and you’ve checked your system for errant midi data, it could be the Leslie simulator, they’re not the quietest bits of kit.

Can you be a bit more specific, list some of the patches you’re having issues with, system spec etc?


Yeah that does sound like you are hearing hum from the Leslie simulator. Don’t forget this is supposed to be a wooden Leslie speaker which has been mic’d.

Hi @kywheeler . welcome from me too.

Many V-Collection applications have parameters to adjust authentic noise. B3 V2 is one of them.
In the MOD page section Organ Model and section Mix you find the parameters Tonewheel Leakage and Background noise. Both can add noise. The Drawbar Leakage add Leakage. Set all this parameters to Zero, if you wan’t a clean sound.
It’s most likely the Background Noise you talk about.
The parameters has preset based settings not global.
I suggest you study the parameters on the MOD page.

Yes, Paolo Negri’s presets are really noisy. If you have the full instrument you can turn down the background noise and re-save them. A bit of hum adds realism, but those presets have ridiculous amounts of noise. His Farfisa presets are even noisier.