Trigger Scene Changes via Midi

Hi folks,

Since the recent firmware update I’ve got back into using the KSP again, and whilst I still struggle with many of its limitations (which probably means I just need to buy a full-fat sequencer), with the program changes implemented I can at least get closer to being able to perform with this device. The one thing I’m still interested in, (unless Arturia deliver a ‘song-mode’) is being able to trigger scene changes via midi.

Typically my hands are too busy elsewhere either playing notes and/or adjusting filters etc on the fly, which means that I can’t easily trigger a scene change.

Any workaround / solution for this in the new firmware?

You need “song select” type of midi messages to trigger scenes via midi.i am using midi designer 2 on my ipad to send this type of messages to the keystep pro and it is working fine.