The VST keeps consuming CPU even if the track is not running

anyone is facing the same problem?
even if the track that has the the vst is not active it consumes CPU, I have the latest ableton version that shows the CPU consumption per track.
I reset the prefs as per support and it keeps coming back.

Hi @samarturia . Welcome back.

Yes that’s true, if the instrument is’nt disabled/ deactivated. Arturia use constant processing - if not in all then in many applications. The synth engine is allways alive. I guess MiniFreak use it. I can’t remember why. But i assume that’s the reason.
You can ask Arturia support, if they can explain why. Not sure why they asked you to clean preferences. Perhaps a misunderstanding.

Thanks, yep i deleted the preferences and a .db file or something and it worked back then.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the vst this time but nothing, and i have a decent laptop.
Probably I should open a ticket again.