The immediacy of Pigments

I am still amazed how I can create wonderful sounds in Pigments so easily and almost effortlessly. I set out to use just the Utility Engine to see how far it would take me. Twenty minutes later - I had this.

LP_Pigments_Preset_Maribesque.pgtx (117.3 KB)


Thanks Funtmaster!
Yes it certainly IS an amazing piece of software, and it’s only going to keep getting better too. :grin:


Yeah, thanks to its multiple engines it makes a great synth to do most things.

Even if you use it to quickly sketch out a synth sound to keep sessions moving and either refine it or replace it with something else from the V Collection later because you want a slightly different aesthetic. . It’s just a simple matter of copying over the parameters.

Apple’s Alchemy is good for this too, but that doesn’t really help non-Logic users.

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