The gift that keeps giving

I know - I keep banging on about Pigments. But every so often, it surpasses itself and sends chills down my spine when I create a patch. Today was such a day. Here is the patch. Play those lower note slowly and legato - let them rise.

Pigments_Preset_Epic Toy Piano.pgtx (118.1 KB)


Wow, that’s super cool @Funtmaster ! Thanks for sharing this with the community. Pigments is such a cool synth.


Many thanks. I create all my patches from scratch and am amazed to still be creating so many original sounds after all these years. If you haven’t seen, I have posted links to all my patch collections in previous posts.

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Nice. I had to turn Poly from 8 to 3 cause it was redlining my poor CPU(Intel(R) Core™ i5-9400T CPU @ 1.80GHz 1.80 GHz). But all good now.

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I feel your pain. I upgraded from a 32Gb 3.2GHz iMac recently to a Mac Mini M2 (8Gb/512Gb) due to increasing CPU usage. This patch hovers around the 20% CPU on the Mac Mini. Im glad I made the switch :slight_smile:

Whoa! Certainly an appropriately named patch. I will be digging deeper into it. :+1:

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Fantastic. thank you. just got my first MPE keyboard . Love playing around with soft synths. Pigments is really inspiring.

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Many thinks. I don’t have an MPE keyboard and hence don’t create patches with that in mind. So, you now have the opportunity to take my patches one step further :slight_smile: