The CONNECT Software

Today I finally updated the Polybrute to version 3.0. The CONNECT software has also been updated. I’ve now tried to get a description of the new features of the Connect software, but there is nothing online. What exactly is new in CONNECT?

Release Notes are shown in ASC.

PolyBrute Connect
V 3.0.0

New Features

  • PolyBrute Connect is now compatible with Mac M1 architecture
  • You can now manage your sound library without having a PolyBrute connected
  • You are now able to use up and down computer keys to browse presets
  • Added the new Distortion FX
  • Integration of new “Factory 3.0” bank
  • Added “Sync In/Output” options to filter incoming or outgoing clocks
  • Added “Arp Octave Range” Parameter
  • When used in a DAW it is now possible to disable the PolyBrute connection in order to let the PolyBrute send CC to other MIDI tracks. This feature is accessible by clicking on the “Disconnect” button located in the bottom toolbar
  • Added an information popup when “Memory protection” is “On” and you want to save a preset

Bug Fixes

  • No more “Fetching Metadata Failed” error when opening in VST
  • Lower part can now be played using PolyBrute Connect GUI keyboard or when receiving MIDI data from external track
  • PolyBrute Connect no longer installs an unwanted “Arturia Software Center” into the “Arturia” folder.
  • PolyBrute Connect no longer automatically resets sample rate to 44100Hz on startup
  • Aftertouch messages are now correctly sent to hardware
  • Dragging and Dropping presets from any Sound Bank to a Project now works
  • Fixed various bugs when using Arpeggiator with the Hold function when notes are triggered through an external controller
  • “Master GlideTime” tooltips is now renamed “Glide”
  • Modulation matrix knob no longer shifts when setting a modulation connection
  • PolyBrute Connect now connects well to the hardware when using the Reaper DAW
  • Some communication issues with ProTools have been fixed on MAC
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes sent wrong polarity value to the PolyBrute on preset loading
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes wrongly reset some parameters when performing a “New Preset”
  • Saving a preset in a project now save well the “Comments” modification
  • “Global Pan” has been removed in the destinations list as this parameter doesn’t exist
  • Some Synced values tooltips have improved. They now display real sync value rather than a range from 0 to 1
  • No more “Firmware update pending” message when your firmware is up to date
  • Last Firmware Update step message “Wait device to restart” replaced by “Wait for the device to restart”
  • It is now possible to close the “About” section if you disconnect your PolyBrute while the popup is open.