The Carrington Effect Beach Sounds EP

Thought I’d share my first recordings with the Rig16 – EP ‘Beach Sounds’

All physical modular synths into the 16Rig then to Logic Pro. Night and day difference in sound quality compared to my previous recordings. The 16Rig is awesome, and the plug-in suite it came with really sweetens up recordings. Hope you enjoy it!


Hey @thecarringtoneffect

Great to hear you’re getting on so well with your 16Rig! Powerful bit of kit that!!

Just listening, can i hear a bit of Delia Derbyshire in there? :wink:

Keep them coming!!


Thanks for checking out my music. Yes–the 16Rig can do sooooo much. Just need Arturia to work on the MIDI mixer software now.

Never heard Delia Derbyshire until you mentioned… and never watched Dr. Who. But now I see the similarity. Glad it wasn’t too similar or I’d pull the song.

Take care,


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Hey @thecarringtoneffect

DD and the rest of The BBC Radiophonic Workshop have influenced generations of synth nerds/electronic music geeks here in The UK.
Many of us grew up with the likes of Dr Who and other BBC TV programmes they did the music for.
They also used to do much of the music for children’s’ schools programmes too, again, which many of us grew up with.
So with that in mind, it’s no surprise really that so many electronic acts have been influenced and passed on those influences through their own material. :heart_eyes: