Tempo sync in Ableton

Hi there, new to Arturia software synths having an issue with using Analog Lab in Ableton. Basically I’ve noticed that when using arpeggiators (the one I’m using is a Solina one) the arp syncs automatically to the tempo of my DAW project (whereas you can choose your desired tempo in the standalone version)

I’d like to be able to change the tempo of my arpeggiator without it being a slave to ableton’s tempo. Is there a way to do this?


I don’t think there is a way in Analog Lab. It really depends on how the arpeggiator tempo is set in the underlying synth preset. If it’s set to Sync, Analog Lab VST will use the tempo set in your DAW and there’s no other option available (besides modifying the preset itself, if you own V Collection).

I do have the collection so I can open Solina but still no option to change the tempo except in the standalone. I can change the rate of the arp but that’s limited.

The only possible workaround I thought of would be to record from the standalone VST but I don’t know if that’s even possible and seems needlessly complicated.

As I said I’m pretty new to software synths in general do there could be something I’m missing.

So I’ve found a workaround with a VST host (Gig Performer). And then using a virtual driver it can then be recorded into Ableton.

Hi @tesstw. Welcome to the community.

I can’t see why you need that workaround.

When you disable the SYNC for the ARP rate in Solinas Bass Section, then it work in Hertz and should not sync to the DAW tempo.
It should be the same no matter you use the plugin or the standalone application.

Thank you for the suggestion. I did already try that and it but just wasn’t able to get the rate that I wanted by playing around with it (even maxed out it wasn’t fast enough). Basically my project was at 115bpm but then I slowed it down to 80 but I wanted to keep the arp rate the same. I definitely know my solution is not a perfect solution as it means I can’t record in midi.

If you have Arp Sync turned off in the Solina patch, the Rate knob specifies the Arpeggio tempo in Hz (0.01Hz - 50.0Hz) and that won’t change when you reduce your project tempo (If it is changing, you’ve done something wrong, like SYNC isn’t really off).

If you have Arp Sync turned on in the Solina patch, the Rate knob specifies a beat ratio, which can get even faster than the Hz rate depending on your project tempo.

Thank you for all your help. I think I was getting confused with all the different syncs in Solina (there are a few different ones in this patch) - you’re right! I wasn’t changing the parameters correctly. Thanks for the patience and for helping me get there in the end!

As long as you have gotten to the real solution in the end.
Thanks for reporting back.