Tempo Changes During Playback?

I’ve had the KSP since it came out, but I had to put it in storage for a while. Only had time to scratch the surface and create a couple of sequence chains. I’m super happy with it, but I’m wanting to get more performance power out of it. I’m wondering if temp changes during a performance are possible.
The manual says that for PROJECTS all sequences and “states” are saved. Does that mean I can have one project running at 120BPM and switch to another project running at 83BPM? Or, is there some other way to make this happen without having to turn a knob and wait for my modular to catch up?


You can change the tempo by saving a different tempo on another project and then load said project. But for that to be effective you need to ensure that you do not have global tempo enabled.

You can refer to the following exerpt from the manual :

7.1 Tempo section

"The KeyStep Pro can switch between two tempos: Global Tempo and Project Tempo. The
Global Tempo can be set using SHIFT + step 15/Global BPM. By default, a new empty Project will always be in the standard Project Tempo of 120 BPM. In a Project, if you change the Tempo setting and save the Project, the new Tempo setting will be stored with the Project.

When you reload the Project, it will have the saved Project tempo.

You can override the Project tempo at any moment by holding down SHIFT and pressing
step 15/Global BPM. When that button is lit (in blue) the Global Tempo is active; when unlit,
the Project Tempo is active."

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I have the same problem, keystep pro is always 1 bpm over cubase or other gear.