Sync to AbletonLive, modulate clock Live Stops

I have Ableton Live synced to the KSP, using it to record external input, but also for adding synced delay effects within the DAW. If I am syncing the KSP to an external clock coming from my modular, if I modulate the clock signal to vary the bpm Live will momentarily stop playback, meaning it is impossible to record with this setup.

Are others experiencing this, is there a workaround? If it wasn’t for the delay effect in Ableton I could unsync Live and have it just function as a recorder, but I want to incorporate DAW effects.

On further testing, if you just slow the clock the KSP is syncing to, Ableton Live enters some sort of start/stop feedback loop with the bpm jumping all over the place. Increasing the speed of the clock the KSP is syncing to causes no such issues. If the KSP is not clocked to the modular and is running on internal sync, changing the bpm causes no such issues, and Live follows these changes (more or less)