Sync MiniFreak tempo to Cubase tempo?

Hello everyone,
Just got a MiniFreak and am enjoying learning all about it. I’m not very midi-savvy beyond plugging one keyboard into another via a midi cable and then triggering sounds…

Given the wonderful arpeggiator and sequencer on the Freak, I thought I’d try to get that working with my DAW, which is Cubase (on a Mac, if that matters).

I read the manual from about page 105 onward and am going through all the menus one by one on the Freak and playing around with different settings. What I’m trying to do is get the tempo of my MiniFreak to match the tempo in my daw. I realize I can just match them manually, but there are cases where I change my tempo in Cubase and would like the keyboard to follow those changes (using arpeggiation as an example).

I have the Class B USB cable plugged into the Minifreak, which is plugged into my computer. I’m not using the 5 pin midi cable, but the manual seems to indicate a standard 5 pin cable is not necessary to do what I’m trying to do. (I’m not connecting other keyboards to the Freak yet, I’m just trying to get the DAW to react to the synth and vice versa)

I’m sure there is something very simple I haven’t done correctly, and maybe I’m expecting the “wrong” thing. Basically, I setup a project in Cubase and the tempo is 120 bpm. The tempo on the keyboard is, let’s say 70 bpm. If I change the tempo on one or the other, should the other just follow the change? I’m not even sure if that’s what’s supposed to happen :slight_smile: (Maybe the numbers don’t need to actually match and the clocks just “sync?”)

So, anyway, I hope this is enough detail and would appreciate guidance from any midi-gurus out there! Thank you very kindly!

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I think there is an additional step I need to take in Cubase: Sending MIDI clock from Cubase - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Will try and report back.

Ok, figured this out. Cubase > Transport > Project Synchronization Setup (Cubase 12)
A couple of trial-and-error attempts at finding the right combination did the trick. Also got the Freak setup as the slave so we’re looking good over here.