Switching patches for live performances with KeyLab 61 mkII and Analog Lab V

Scenario: controlling Analog Lab V with a KeyLab 61 mkII in a live setting.

Problem: when I use the left and right buttons (below the central control knob and above the “Analog Lab”, “DAW”, and “User” buttons) to move through patches in a playlist in stage mode, the next patch immediately interrupts the previous patch. I was under the impression that I could, say, hold a chord for one patch, select the next patch without interruption, and then once I start playing again, the next patch would come through.

I get this performance from Apple MainStage but not from Analog Lab, but I thought I saw this feature advertised somewhere on Arturia’s website (not finding it at the moment). Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any advice, much appreciated.

Perhaps you’ve seen this for Arturia Astrolab, which seems to do this based on what I read.