Switching between VST and DAW mode


Looking at buying a controller and interested in the keylab mk 2 (no sign of a 3 yet).

Obviously it has tight integration with vsts like analog lab and pigments but it can also control things within you DAW.

Can you switch between the two modes well. I was thinking how actually can that work as, I know in pigments the faders control the envelopes…so clearly you can’t use them also for track volume - which I believe is what they are assigned to in DAW mode.

So , in practice, do you resign yourself to using the keyboard in one mode rather than switching between the two?



Hi, I do own the Keylab MK2, and I switch between DAW and AnalogLab mode all the time (when I use vsts of the v-collection or pigments obviously), no conflict at all, since these modes use different MIDI ports.

I also use both without problems.

When I change from DAW to Analog lab mode, the Daw controls (play, stop etc) still work too.