Sustain Pedal

Can someone help me with enabling CC64 sustain pedal for CMI presets?

Hi @rev32 ,

Midi CC#64 is enabled by default.

However - In CMI V the sustain is something that has to be programmed for each preset.

The Sustain pedal can be assigned in the Advanced/ Sound/ Assign page.
Click the “SUS” button in the MIDI section so it turn yellow. That make it ready to be assigned to parameters. You can do many things, but you are probably looking to modulate the DAMPING in the Envelope section. Hoower over the parameter so the mouse cursor change and then click and drag the amount of modulation you wish for that Slot. This has to be done for each Slot. Keep in mind Samples may have to be looped first to be able to be sustained the time you need, if possible at all.

I suggest you read about all this in the manual.