Sustain Pedal works strangely when using arpeggiator (arp stops playing)

With all other vst synths (including all V Collection synths), I press chord > press sustain pedal to hold the arpeggio > change to another chord > release the sustain. I do is to make sure theres no improper breaks in the arp sequence and insure it plays my chord properly.

However with the mini freak v, releasing the sustain pedal closely to the time I play a new chord makes the arpeggiator stop playing and I have to replay the chord.

The only way to get the arp to work correctly is to not use the sustain pedal at all and hold the notes and then spider my hands into the next chord. But that means I can’t free up my hands to do other things while the arp is playing. It’s also difficult to make sure the the notes of the new chord are sent in time for the next arp chord.

Hi @SuperBeetle ,

I only have the MiniFreak V. In Poly mode you can just keep the Sustain/ Hold active untill you need to stop the ARP. Whenever you have relased all keys, then the arp only use the notes you play next still while hold is active.
So i’m not sure what your issue is. Is it because you want to be able to play out of beat? If so, then you do need to release the Sustain/ Hold before you play the new notes.

However: I agree that if you release the Sustain/ Hold after you play new notes and still have the keys pressed, then the notes should not stop playing. I have noticed this odd behavior in some of the applications. I suggest you contact Arturia support about this, if that’s your issue.