Sustain pedal not working in DAWs

I’m having no luck getting the PolyBrute to sustain my VST synths in my DAWs, Fruity Loop Studio and Studio One 3 Pro. I’m using USB MIDI running into my PC directly. Stepping on the sustain pedal shows no MIDI activity, neither do Morphee or the ribbon, but the pitch and modwheels and expression pedal do. I didn’t have to make a profile for it in FLS, but I did in Studio One, and both will play notes. I see nowhere in any of the options in my DAWs or PolyBrute to filter out sustain pedal.

I have the latest PB firmware installed - - and PolyBrute Connect.
The PC is Windows 10 and seems to be up to date. Hardware is running on an ASRock X99 motherboard with 16GB ram, Samsung 840 Evo SSD, 512GB with quite a bit of room, and a 2 terrabyte drive for audio recording. Interface is a Focusrite Saffire Pro40 firewire and is working properly. DAWs are Fruity Loops Studio 21, just installed from the Image-Line website, and Studio One is up to date.

HI @synthguy99 and welcome to the Sound Explorers Forum.

I do not own a Polybrute unfortunately, i certainly wish i DID!
Is there a setting in either the Polybrute or the Connect app?
I’ve had a look through the manuals for both and cannot find anything myself.

It might be worth logging in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

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I did a quick check with mine and it worked as expected (running Ableton Live on Mac M1). Sustain pedal into Polybrute MIDI-controlled the Piano V instrument with sustain.

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Thanks for the replies. Looking more closely at my PolyBrute, it shows signs of wear around the bottom of the Morphee pad, so it looks like Sweetwater cut me a deal by selling me a demo unit. However, I really doubt that’s the issue. Rather, I’m thinking my install of Windoze 10, as I lovingly call it, is suffering alzheimers, so it might be time for a backup and reinstall. Which I dread with a passion, so wish me luck on that!

Thanks for getting back to us, have you tried connecting another hardware device such as another synth that’s capable of receiving sustain pedal data to your target tasty PolyBrute to see if that works? That would be my own next step before enduring the torture of a windoze reinstall… Could save you a lot of bother!

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Thank you for the suggestion, Matt. Instead, I tried good old fashioned five pin MIDI into my Pro40 interface, and everything works right. It even receives panel control data, which was one of the reasons for jumping on the Poly when I really didn’t need another synth, and technically couldn’t afford it. It’s a dream controller too. But with a nick like mine, I simply can’t have too many synths! :sweat_smile:

I’m afraid because of other odd issues, it looks like I need to reinstall Windows at some point. For now I intend to have some fun.

Hi @synthguy99
That’s both good and bad news, the main thing is your PolyBrute appears to be fine, (I’m not deeply envious… Honest! :rage: :wink: :wink:).

I feel your pain with the windows reinstall though, at least you can have some fun with that magnificent BEAST of a synth though! :sunglasses:

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Troubleshooting PolyBrute Sustain Pedal in DAWs

It’s frustrating that your PolyBrute’s sustain pedal isn’t working in Fruity Loops Studio and Studio One. We’ll explore potential solutions to get your setup functioning properly.

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

1. Verify MIDI Activity:

  • Midi Monitor: Use a MIDI monitor software or device to confirm that the PolyBrute is actually sending MIDI data for the sustain pedal. This will help isolate whether the issue lies with the PolyBrute itself or your DAWs.
  • PolyBrute Dashboard: Check the PolyBrute Connect dashboard if it shows MIDI activity for the sustain pedal when pressed. This will further verify that the PolyBrute is sending the information.

2. DAW Settings:

  • MIDI Input: Ensure your DAWs are receiving MIDI input from the PolyBrute on the correct MIDI channel. Check the MIDI settings in both FL Studio and Studio One and confirm they match the PolyBrute’s MIDI channel.
  • Control Surface: Check if your DAWs are inadvertently filtering out the sustain pedal data through any control surface settings. Disable any control surface assignments for the sustain pedal and see if that resolves the issue.
  • Specific DAW Options:
    • FL Studio: Explore the “MIDI Settings” within the “Project Settings” window. Check if the “Foot pedal controls note off” option is enabled. If so, try disabling it to see if the sustain pedal works correctly.
    • Studio One: Investigate the “MIDI Input Filter” settings in Studio One. Check if any filters are applied that might be blocking the sustain pedal data.

3. PolyBrute Settings:

  • Global Settings: Check the Global Settings within the PolyBrute Connect software. Ensure that MIDI Out and USB MIDI are enabled.
  • Morphee/Ribbon: Verify that the Morphee and ribbon functions are not assigned to the same MIDI CC as the sustain pedal. This could potentially conflict and prevent the sustain from functioning properly.

4. Additional Considerations:

  • USB Cable: Try using a different USB cable to connect the PolyBrute to your PC. Sometimes, faulty cables can cause communication issues.
  • Drivers: Ensure your PC has the latest drivers installed for both the PolyBrute and your audio interface.
  • Firmware Update: Double-check that you have the latest firmware version for the PolyBrute. If a newer version is available, update it and see if the issue persists.
  • Contact Support: If you have exhausted all troubleshooting options, consider contacting Arturia support. They might offer further assistance and specific solutions based on your setup and configuration.
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Actually it seems this is by design.

Of course the 5-pin cable is a good solution. There is another possibility.

PB Connect 3.0 has a “disconnect” button in the lower right corner. Click on it when you want to use your Polybrute as a simple master controller. You will then have all midi CC transmitted on your DAW midi tracks (including the PB’s knobs if you want it).

Connect it again when you need use PB Connect to mirror your Polybrute.

My 2 cents…

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