Sustain pedal does not work in Piano V3 when it works well in Analog Lab V or with other instruments

I use a Roland RD700 as master keyboard with its sustain pedal.

When using the Piano V3 instrument, the sustain pedal does not work - the sound resonates like if the polarity was not good. If I use another instrument like the Stage-73, the sustain pedal works fine.

Note that if I use Analog Lab V with a Piano sound, everything works well.

I have the same issue using the VST3 within Gig Performer. Sustain pedal in Piano V3 plugin does not work, when it works in the Stage 73 plugin.

Any clue?



Are you sure midi CC#64 is assigned to Sustain Pedal in Piano V3, and that the Min - Max values are set correct?
Please post a screenshot of the MIDI config you are using in Piano V3.

Are you sure it’s Piano V3 sounds that work in Analog Lab? It’s not Piano V or Piano V2 presets?

In the bottom right of the Piano V3 application you see the text PEDALS. Right of that you see 3 pedals. What happen when you use your pedal with this pedals? Does the right pedal light up like it should?

Do you say it’s the same when using Piano V3 in standalone mode/ outside a host?

EDIT: BTW: You can allways try to clean preferences and reinstall Piano V3 in case it’s a install issue, in case you have’nt allready. EDIT END

Thank you for your answer.

Please find attached the settings of the Piano V3, plus the capture of the MIDI events in Gig Performer when pushing down then releasing the Sustain pedal (CC#64, goes from 0 to 127 in several steps then back to 0 in several steps).

Note that the Sustain Pedal does not work at all until I click on the right pedal of the 3 pedals at the bottom of the Piano V3 screen. And then it does not actually work, the notes actually stay sustained regardless of pushing down or releasing the pedal.
[EDIT] I think this actually works as designed, using the icon is like maintaining the sustain pedal down.

I have the same behavior using directly the instrument or through Gig Performer.

If I use the Stage 73 instrument, everything works fine with the Sustain pedal. I have also attached the MIDI settings for this instrument. But strangely, the CC#64 is not defined.


MIDI settings of the Piano V3

MIDI events when pushing on then releasing the Sustain pedal
Pushing on then releasing Sustain Pedal

MIDI settings of the Stage 73
MIDI settings Stage-73

I have just tried with another instrument (I bought the V Collection yesterday), and the pedal works fine. But again CC#64 is not defined in the MIDI settings.

And I have tried to remove the CC#64 from the MIDI settings of the Piano V3 - to make it like the other instruments, and it does not work better.

I did some additional experiments.

I changed the master keyboard to my MODX with another sustain pedal. This time I had only the 127 then 0 values if I pressed down then released the pedal. And it worked (the sustain pedal icon was lighted when pressing down)! So I thought the problem was with the several CC#64 value steps from the Roland.

Then I used another master keyboard, SL73 from Studiologic with the same sustain pedal. It was sending also only 127 and 0 on CC#64, but this time it was not working again with Piano V3 (working well with Stage 73).

I would love to understand what is going on. The Roland is my main keyboard at home, and the SL73 my main at gigs.


Another experiment : the MODX was on MIDI channel 1. The SL73 was on 9. If I put the SL73 on channel 1, it works. Same for the RD700, and it now works, even if the CC#64 has several values towards 127.

Net, net, as long as I put Midi Channel at 1 for all these keyboards, the Sustain works well. I don’t know if it is making sense. And what happens if I need to split the keyboard?



If you look at the MIDI config you have posted, then you see midi CH 1 midi CC#64 is assigned to the Sustain. The midi CH have to be changed to work on other midi channels you use to send to Piano V3.

I’m not sure why Arturia have decided to have this midi config assignment for sustain in Piano V3, instead of having it as a reserved parameter like in other applications like Stage-73 V2.
I assume it can be because there are 3 pedals and many controllers only have input for one Sustain pedal and perhaps also for a Expression pedal. Then doing it this way, make it possible for all users to assign pedals like they want.
Also Piano V3 accept continous pedals, and i’m not sure that require doing it this way.

However - Can’t you in Gig Performer set one midi CH that it recieve and then have it send on another midi CH to the plugin? Then you can set your controller to another midi CH than 1 like midi CH2 and let the host recieve on the same midi CH2 on the Piano V routing, but then let the host send on midi CH1 to Piano V3. That’s quite normal.
This is also in some kind of essense how i assume Analog Lab work, and that’s why the pedal work like you exsperience in Analog Lab.

I’m not sure why you have the midi CH issue with Stage-73 V2. It must be some kind of midi CH issue. Keep in mind Stage-73 V2 have a midi CH selector. If it’s set on ALL, then Sustain should work on all midi Channels send to Stage-73 V2.

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yes, I had missed that there was Midi CH 1 in front of the CC description in the settings. And if I set it to 2 instead, it works with the RD700 sending on CH 2. That explains a lot.

In GigPerformer I can also manage to send what I receive on any channel to another one, which is another way to solve the issue.

Actually I never had any issue with Stage 73. Whatever channel I send to, the sustain works.

Thanks for having taken the time. Really helpful.


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Your welcome.