Sustain, keybed stretching workarounds?

Wishful thinking post

Pretty much still a newb with this instrument. i know the original mellotron was limited in certain respects, and thus the emulation is as made to reflect that “accurate” playability. but with this being virtual, is there any workaround to use a sustain pedal on every preset? Also with the short keybed is it possible to stretch it to a full 88 (even if some far out keys sound bad/over exaggerated)?

Again, newb here so if there’s a setting already i’m missing then feel free to write this off. Love the sounds of this instrument and have had to use some weird workarounds to get the sound i’m looking for like compressing reverb tails with a long release. Of course it’s not really a true sustain though.

Anyone out there have this wish too? Anyone have creative workarounds?


About Sustain:
I Actually don’t know why Midi CC#64 still is’nt used as HOLD NOTES. Midi CC#64 can’t be used for midi learn either.
You could use another midi CC like midi CC#11/ Expression pedal assigned to the Release parameter. Note that the Release parameter also go to negative negative 1, so remember to set the Min and Max range for the assignment.

About the 88 key range:
It’s not possible to change the original Tapes/ Samples. For those each note actually have it’s own sample.
But when you use your own samples you can stretch them. But only up to 4 octaves if i recall correct. But using 2-3 different samples should get you there. Please consult your mellotron V manual and have a look at the Sample Edit possibilities.
There are quite many informations in the manual about this.

Hope this helps.

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Will give that a shot next time i’m at the keys. Very helpful, thank you!

You’re welcome.