Subtle popping sounds when idle

Had my 16rig for a few days now, and it’s awesome, however I am getting some subtle popping sounds in my monitors when idle.

I have two pairs of monitors: A set of small Genelecs (basically their computer speaker sized products), and also a set of Yamaha HS8s with subwoofer.

I am using the A/B feature of the 16Rig. I have the Genelecs connects as the main monitors, and I connected the Yamahas to outputs 5/6 (as recommended by the manual to keep the more flexible output ports freed up).

I have the 16Rig connected up via USB-C to a Mac Studio M1 Ultra.

When the Mac isn’t being used, I am hearing a subtle periodic “pop” in the Yamahas. Probably like every 30s to a minute.

When the system is in use, no issues.

Any suggestions as to the cause? Something that can be investigated for a firmware update?

HI @Ryan0751

Are you using ‘clean’ mains electricity or are you using a general domestic/commercial supply with things like refrigerators/boilers etc on the same system? These can and will throw out noise into an electrical system which can easily be picked up by sensitive audio equipment.

Mains filters can be a big help as can power distribution units such as these, which many of us use to help with just this kind of issue.


I have my system running on a UPS with clean sine wave output.

This isn’t something I’ve ever heard with my old sound card, and it only seems to happen on the 16Rig when the Mac has gone to sleep.

Maybe I can capture it on video next time it happens.

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Hi @Ryan0751

Yes an example of the noise could prove useful in diagnosing the issue.

One other thought, have you any sources of RF (Radio Frequency) interference near to you? Could be anything from an amateur radio fan to something with an electric motor and anything in between.
Does it happen regularly at certain times of day or at random?