Strings and acoustic piano vsti

Owners of Minilab 3 can tell me if in the software bundle there are decent simulation vsti for acoustic piano and strings , cello in particular?
If not are there a free good vsti for these instruments?
Thanks in advance for answer.
Bye from Italy

Hi @Guido_59 ,

I don’t own MinilAB 3. But…

I don’t know what you will call decent.

But it look like Minilab beside the Piano presets in Analog Lab Intro also include Model D and The Gentleman piano.

I assume Analog Lab intro also provide some string presets. Can’t tell if that’s enough for you. DAW’s can also provide Strings and Piano sounds.

You can do web searchs to find what’s out there, that you can use.

Thanks for your advice

I can say that the included The Gentleman is really amazing, at least for a piano VST.