Sticky pots - what to do?

I’ve noticed that my 2 BSP have gotten sticky potentiometers. Did this happen to anybody else? I don’t think I’m the only one…
What countermeasure to take? Or is there any replacement potentiometer cap to be used?

Hi @FlavioB
I take it you mean the pot caps and not the actual pots themselves?

If you are still under guarantee then i’d suggest contacting the retailer you purchased from and they should sort it out for you.
If not then you could log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

If it’s the caps, i’ve just had a similar issue with a Nektar controller.
I removed them from the unit, placed them in a clear ziplok bag, placed them on a warm windowsill and forgot about them for about a month. Looked at them the other day and the soft touch paint has become MUCH worse, so i just soaked a microfibre cloth in some isopropyl alcohol and rubbed the paint off.
They’re as good as new now, well the ones i’ve done are, only about another 20 to go! :roll_eyes:


Hi @matjones - thanks for your reply.
Yes, I mean the pot caps :slight_smile:
I’ll contact the support team right away.

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Hi @FlavioB
Ok, thanks for letting us know!

AFAIK they are still available for purchase via support.