Stevie Wonder synth sounds

Anyone got recommendations for Stevie Wonder sounds and patches in the V collection synths,
or your patches to share,
or advice on programming myself?

Many thanks


Hi @MEB and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

Now THAT is a HUGE question!

Do you want things from a certain era? 'little Stevie ', ‘inner visions’, ‘Music of my mind-songs in the key of life’, ‘Happy birthday’… There are MANY Stevies to choose from!

Early career I’d look at stage 73 V and wurli V, 70s was Minimoog heavy, plenty of clav, heavy modulation effects, 80s Stevie was a BIG Synclavier fan…

V-col is a great collection for this as it’s pretty much ALL in there keyboard wise if you’re a Stevie fan!

I can’t recommend any particular presets myself as the collection is so large and his catalogue is even larger!
Just dive in and see what you find, you’ll have a great time!


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If you want authenticity remember it’s not just his sounds it’s how he recorded them.

On his earlier works he used his Moog Mini quite a lot. Listen to it on such as You Got It Bad Girl from Talking Book. What’s insane is the Mini was of course monophonic, so to get chords, each note was recorded to a different track of the 16-track tape. Not only is that an insane level of work just to get chords from a monophonic instrument (considering the notes all had to be in perfect timing with each other), but during mixdown, the tracks were panned differently to spread the chord across the soundscape. That’s all part of the sound.


Good question, perhaps narrowing down to Talking Book and Fulfillingness’ First Finale, and I’m thinking of the synth sounds he would have used (not the Clav and Rhodes sounds). Thanks for the reply - interesting to learn more.

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Thanks, what about patches that mimic the kind of mood mini sound, e.g. You’ve got it bad girl?

Here’s something I have from my playing with the ARP 2600. I was going for a Talking Book lead sound.

ARP 2600_Preset_MB_ARP_5-3_20240303_17h13.arpx (14.4 KB)

This would be a great resource to have.

Though, we have to also acknowledge that for many of his synth parts he used TONTO. Which will make duplicating some sounds difficult. Though Analog Lab would be able to cover this in part.