Split keyboard in Keylab Essential Mk 3 61

I don’t think it’s possible to have a split keyboard (lower half plays one preset, the other another) with the Keylab Essential 61 Mk 3 . Has anyone figured out a way around this working with Analog Lab? Thanks

Hi @elsparko. Welcome to the community.

Your controller do not have Split in it self.
But -
When you create a Multi in Analog Lab you can use Analog Labs Part range/ Split functionality.
Please consult section “3.6.2. Keyb Settings” in Analog Labs manaual.
You acces the settings by cliking the work wheel Kebd, Settings button in the bottom tool bar of Analog Lab.

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Ooo thank you LBH!

You are welcome @elsparko.

FYI: Keep in mind, that DAW’s can offer different similar ways to do layering and splits too.