Speculation about “25 Years and Beyond” Event on April 9?

The announcement might just not be what’s happening for us next month, but a roadmap for the rest for the year, and even projecting forward from there.

So we might see V Collection mentions, with one of their drops to happen soon, but the whole bundle could be ear marks for much later.

While it is a point of interest, I’m not so much hung up on that. I’m just generally interested in what the future has store.

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The Youtube video invites as to witness a new (DAW)n.

Just saying…

True. And they did the same with the Augmented VSTs. So there might be hope.

I guess it depends how much of an insight they feel like giving. They might give all that information privately to their shareholders but publicly I reckon they’re more likely to keep their cards close to their chest: competitors will be watching this just as closely as us.

Someone pointed this out on Synthtopia as well.
An Arturia DAW is among the possibilities. Wonder what it’d bring to the table, apart from embedding the plugins from the two collections.
Hardware integration would make sense, which is part of my reason for talking about the Universal Audio approach.

Because “barriers to expression” is part of the statement, one might expect deeper integration of MPE or even the expressive parts of the MIDI 2.0 standard. That’d work well with new controller hardware… and needs support in the DAW. (Took a long time for Live to support MPE.)

That’d be close to the Tracktion approach… which can lead to disappointment and even the so-called “Osborne Effect”. In other words, it’s not out of the question. It just requires a careful approach.

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It is something that companies like Apple does at its WWDC, though.

Only in a predictable way. Every year there will be a new iPhone. Every year there will be a new iOS and MacOS. the WWDC’s are just a publicity stunt more than anything. Beyond that, Apple don’t disclose much. For example there was only unconfirmed rumoured speculation about Apple launching their own Apple Silicon computers in 2020, right up until the October launch date. Had Apple firmly forecast this in 2019 the sale of certainly their lower-end Intel Macs would have fallen through the floor (Osbourne Effect).

Welcome to the chat forum Mavoz! I must say I totally agree with you about your hoping for a new Keylab88 Mk3. I’ve been waiting a long time for something new happening there… whatever is bound to be announced today, a new Keylab 49/61/88 would be a dream… :slight_smile: Some rumours about a new Brute product… exciting times indeed!

Yes and no. WWDC is primarily for developers. Their Keynote event is pretty much accessible for most people, but then their State of the Union digs into the more technical aspects for developers.

Then beyond that are the almost tutorial style presentations digging into the frameworks, the additions, the changes and what is needed to implement the new features in code.

Watching these you get an insight into the future of the Mac. AU3 was introduced like 2 years even before Logic implemented it. You knew what was coming for Machine Learning ahead of time too, as an another example.

It would seem the changes first take place in the frameworks, then it’s a year or two before that’s implemented by DAW developers, and another year or two for plugin developers to adopt those changes too.

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Part of me hopes that it still a while off as I just bought a mkII about 6 months ago!! :flushed:

Great point! And one that touches upon a topic near and dear to my heart, as an iPadOS musicker. Not only did AUv3 mark an important transition for Logic Pro (when it was Mac-only), it opened an awe-inspiring market of plugins for Apple’s mobile devices. Apple deprecated Inter-App Audio and AudioBus was made mostly obsolete. Both of them were clunky and unreliable stopgap solutions. To this day, there are people who cling to these older ways and either refuse to move to AUv3 or pretend as though it didn’t exist.
I’m not completely sure where the old Arturia/Retronyms partnership fits into that. The only AUv3 plugin of the lot is iSEM. The AU extension was added 8 years ago and the app was last updated 4 years ago (with support for AB3). So, it all feels like abandonware. Will Arturia announce anything on iPadOS, today? I doubt it.

And back to comparisons between Apple and Arturia…
The two companies are quite different, including in terms of developer relations. In fact, if Arturia does release a DAW, they probably need to establish a good line of communication with several devs. Personally, I get the impression that they’re on speaking terms with a number of Music Tech partners and wouldbe partners. It doesn’t sound like they have that broad an involvement with developers of third-party software.

Since subscriptions have been mention several times by people who wonder about today’s event, a CNET piece reminds us of some of the issues with subs.
There might be a breaking point, for some/many of us. Especially if we don’t earn a living from Music Tech products.

(Actually… Those who do earn a living from using such tools want to budget their purchases accurately and typically prefer to buy things outright, even if they have to pay more. They might also focus on a smaller number of tools that they use to the fullest.
Our consumer-focused scene is quite different from that. Much of it is about “Gear Acquisition Syndrome”. And there’s some elasticity in terms of purchases which won’t bring much value, including some “aspirational” purchases.)

Indeed. If Apple wants to stretch an arm into uncharted waters they just buy a company, such as eMagic. I feel Arturia would need to establish stakeholders across the spectrum to help them build and create interest in something as ambitious a their own DAW. Otherwise it’s just going to be a novelty of interest only to Arturia diehards.

I’m not so sure they’d do a DAW, it’s a pretty saturated market. Though I did think that way about UAD Luna, but that was UAD.

I’m thinking you might have hit the nail on the head in part with iSEM. Mobile recording seems to be the trend right now, as is making pro, level software that will run on an iPad Pro. They could be announcing their line of V Collection for mobile devices?!? Maybe

But I’m not really here to speculate.

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Loopop leaked an Astrolab review a few minutes before Arturia announced it. There might still be other announcements, no?

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In the YT chat, people kept saying 2.5kUSD. It’s 2k.


Expected more than one announcement.
What we did get was a solid one, in many respects. Well in line with the company’s strategy over the past several years (they conceived of “Hardlab” in 2014). And it’s meant for keyboardists, once again.

Ah, well…

Ok… it’s AstroLab. This was a surprise, to say the least! I’m just knocked out here… :))

All that build-up and we get one product: a 61 note keyboard with Analog Lab built in.
Well that’s my balloon well and truly burst. In fact think it’s just been shredded.

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What happens when the inevitable software upgrades exceed the unupgradable hardware spec?

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Sounds like there’s some support for MIDI-CI… which isn’t in the specs.