Spark, Spark 2, Spark LE...questions, current status, and future?

I really can’t believe that I totally missed the Spark-2/Spark LE, must have been busy those years! I’ve loved my Spark controller and Spark 1 software for many years…

  1. What are the important differences in Spark 2 and is it still available? Does it work well with the Spark-1 controller?
  2. Is the Spark LE controller still available? (Doesn’t seem to be…) What are the major differences between it and the original Spark controller?
    And lastly (and I’ve been in the MI business long enough to know that this is probably a closely guarded secret… but)
  3. Is anybody at Arturia thinking that there should be a

I love SparkLE.

I cant answer your questions but can tell you I run it on a mac mini M2. It runs in Rosetta mode and the GUI is STILL non scalable. It works fine and still sounds great!

Come on Arturia - show some love for Spark.

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Hi there!

I’ve started using the Spark LE back in 2014 - a decade ago… and still use the Spark 2 as a kind of DAW for actually all of my own productions… together with the latest version of Pigments, Analog Lab and some hardware from time to time, which works fine for me…

I really wish that an updated version of Spark would appear someday in the not too distant future, because when you’ve learned how to use it to its maximum effect, it’s a really useful tool and I prefer it over any DAW to be honest!

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