In the recent video plug of the woman in the spacesuit promoting Astrolab, she has no backpack. Where is her air? It may be trivial to anyone who is only concerned with the visuals, but a spacesuit itself only has a couple of minutes of air in it. It’s anxiety inducing.

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You know, I completely missed that!! :laughing:

Who said she was human?


NEVER make assumptions! :wink:

I assume she has some kind of re-breathing apparatus… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Most lifeforms have some kind of respiration and I would imagine one with anthropomorphic features even more likely to be so.

Well if you want to fake a moon landing, properly it’s best to do those without backpacks either. :upside_down_face:

It looks as if she has no gloves on either - definitely non-human.

Maybe another specie, Funtmaster?

I quote rom The Conversation:
" Some people claim that, genetically, men are more closely related to male chimpanzees than to women." :grin:

In fact, the article argues that there’s only a 13 to 27 genes difference between man and women out of 20,000 human genes. But these genes have complex effects.

Apparently being able to float around in space without proper protection is one of them!! :rofl:

The toilet logo should be changed accordingly. :sunglasses:

Some also claim that we share around 50% of our DNA with Bananas too!
I’m sure it’s probably much more in some of the people i’ve met over the years. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: