Sound Explorers Collection 2 Belledonne (upgrade from V Collection 9 ?)

Having taken the offer to buy the V Collection 9 and then later Pigments 4 then I am rather annoyed that there appear to be no upgrade path to the ‘full’ Sound Explorers Collection 2 Belledonne for owners of V Collection 9 and more.
So I would like to suggest that people like I who already have bought the V Collection 9 and lPigments 4 are given the opportunity to upgrade to the Sound Explorers Collection 2 Belledonne at a really nice price that reflects the products already bought ! And , I will confess , I will expect to be able to do so even cheaper also at the sales ! Thank you !
I already asked support a while back but were simply told that that could not happen !
I have to say that I do not understand Arturia’s position / behavior on this subject / topic ! I mean ! what ? you expect me to buy two of the four products and then pay for everything all over again ? (and seeing the existence of the ‘Sound Explorers Collection 2 Belledonne’ then it’s unlikely that I will buy the two remaining products separately without a considerable discount !)
I already have a lot of software, including of other makes, so it’s not like I am sitting there with a extreme need but still I’d like to ‘complete’ my Arturia software collection ! So ! , for what it is worth then I hope that Arturia will change it’s policy on this subject to a more accommodating one !
My keyboard is not Arturia but I seriously consider buying a KeyLab controller at a later point (when I have the money) but with my software purchases I already consider myself an Arturia customer and as such I’d like to feel that customers are valued and treated as such !
Kind regards !

Welcome to the forum. Although I understand your desire, phrasing in such a passive aggressive tone may not be the best approach. I don’t think Arturia are obliged to spell out their marketing policy any more than explaining their operating costs or profit margins. Perhaps if others are seeking the same upgrade path, Arturia may consider it. So, why not start by asking here if others are interested?

What 'passive aggressive tone ’ ?
This ‘passive aggressive’ accusation I think is referring to an interpretation which rests a lot with the reader ! You honestly makes me think that I am in the presence of some American therapist or something rather than another forum member… .
Also I don’t get your ‘asking here if others are interested’ either. I am referring to the ‘shopping possibilities’ in an internet shop as well as the upgrade capabilities of a products that is sold as both ‘stand alone’ as well as part of a bundle ! What would I , or anyone else for that matter, care if others want what I/we want ? People not interested can just not buy and people like me could just buy if they got a nice offer.
Mind you ! , I see this as the completely same thing as with my Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol xx software. I can start with Komplete xx Select and then upgrade on a daily basis as well during sales as suits me ! :
Komplete xx Update prices and Upgrade prices
Why should Arturia offer me any less possibilities ? Just because it doesn’t suit you to have better shopping or Update/Upgrade possibilities ! ?