Song with Mini-V, Prophet-V, SEM-V, Jup-V, Modular-V!

I put a song in my music website called “See The Light 2”; it is second from the top. It uses Mini-V, Prophet-V, SEM-V, Jup-8-V, ARP2600-V, and Modular-V. Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I can return the favor if you wish (leave me a link). Here is my link:

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I like it. It’s not what I would normally listen to but it has a certain appeal. Listening to this and your other tracks T-Rex and Devo sprang to mind.

If I had one (constructive) criticism, it would be the mixing. It sounds a little muddy and confused to the point where I can’t help but feel that the song has a lot more to give.

To that end I wonder if you would let me remix it? It’s something I have done for others and its helped others and me improve mixes. It’s a no catches offer: if you don’t like what I do with it, it never sees the light of day. I am not a proffesional and am just looking for experience.

My music is here at:



Hey @aaron_aardvark thanks for sharing your music!

Yeah i can hear some of those elements that @Funtmaster mentions, it’s always nice to hear V-Collection being used for genres other than ‘electronic’ too. I can hear elements of Gang of four/Shreikback too with what sounds like slap bass in ‘see the light 2’.
Listening myself, to ‘the warmth is here’, i’d say the vocal is too forward and needs some lower mids pulling out as they’re a little muddy, as @Funtmaster mentions. The sync synth is a little too far forward too i think.
Make the right choice sounds better over all, but again the vocals are too forwards for my own preference.
I cannot really comment on ‘House of The Leader’ as i don’t really do rock, The bass guitar does seem overly resonant in the lower mids though, of course this might be genre specific and not being too au fait with rock myself…
Sitting on The Fence, again i think the vocals are a bit too far forward. I can hear bits of ‘Fad Gadget’ and ‘Frank Tovey’ in this one… interesting!

I have to agree with @Funtmaster over all. With better mixes they should REALLY pop!


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Defo on the Fad Gadget :wink:

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