Some older Analog Lab PlugIns not recognized in Live

Reinstalling AL 3 and AL4 didn’t help.
Of course I’m using the newer versions but back in the day I’ve made some Live clips with Jup-8 V3 which can’t be loaded because it doesn’t appear in the PlugIn list.

I’m using Ableton Live 11.

Hi @Jon_Donson ,

Older discontinuet plugins like Jup-8 V3 are only installed, if you install the product that have them included. Jup-8 V4 does’nt replace the V3 version. Both can be installed alongside eachother.
Just installing older Analog Lab versions will not install the full individual applications.
I understand you have used the full individual Jup-8 V3 application.

I don’t think Live have supported VST3 very long time. So be aware to check and have access to the correct format.

Thanks LBH.
I think the problem was that I’ve installed AL3 and AL4 after my current version (V8).
I had to do a complete system / apps install after changing hardware, and then installed only the new version of Analog Lab.

You are welcome.
Installing order normally should not matter unless perhaps if you install and accept to overwrite a newer allready installed version.
Good it work for you now. Thanks for reporting back.