[Solved] MF as midi controller: no sound with piano plugins

it’s really with USB rather than old style midi connection.

The behavior: with Piano V3 and Pianoteq standalone, and MF as controller, I see the keys being played on the instruments keyboard but without notes sounding.
With other instruments (eg. Prophet), no problem.
With other controllers (Keystep 37, Yamaha CP-33) no problem with Piano V3 and Pianoteq.

I’m I missing something?

I should further add that with Kontakt’s Grandeur (a piano) with MF as controller, I can hear faint notes (faint in contrast with K37). It seems like a MF velocity problem with pianos (Piano V3, Pianoteq, Kontakt’s Grandeur).

It’s a velocity problem with Piano plugins.

In contrast with other instruments, Piano V3, Pianoteq and Grandeur all have velocity curve adjustment.
The MF was set at 10%. Setting it to 100%, I could hear the notes. Then there is the Velocity curve which was set at Exp. I changed to Lin.
Then you have the plugin’s velocity curve.
I have to decide if I will use MF with Piano V3, Pianoteq and Grandeur.

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