[SOLVED] Arturia seriously needs to update their installers

I am sick of having to run 31 damn installers (FX Collection and V Collection) with manual intervention every time Arturia updates something! I have better things to do with my time than sitting around clicking through installer screens for an hour. Native Instruments is way ahead in this regard.
Come on Arturia, get with the 21 century, and if it’s your lawyers holding this up because they want a manual click on the service agreement for every single VST then it’s time for new lawyers, or better yet, NO lawyers.
I can open Native access, click update all, and go about my business while it updates 30 programs. Why can’t you do the same? If you want me to buy any more software from you, then fix this.

My bad.

OK, Arturia so now only one suggestion: you should make the silent install the default option. And you probably should have advertised adding this feature at the time.

Anyway, I’m good. Pardon the rant.

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Hi @SF_Green ,

It sound like you have’nt enabled “Silent install and download size optimation” under the advanced tab in Arturia Software Center. I install all updates with a single click having having this enabled.


Thank you very much! I guess it’s been quite a while since I checked preferences. Do you know about when that was implemented?

Seriously - thanks!

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I think the Silent Install option was developed within the lifespan of V-Collection 5.
Afaik VC5 was launced 8 years ago. VC6 was launced 6.5 years ago.

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Guess I pulled a “set and forget” on my preferences.

Thanks again.

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