Software licenses not active anymore

Never had any problems with Arturia software before. So what gives. All my instances of plugins now refuse to activate on the computer here. Been active long time on this computer. Now there appears to be a portal opening when I try to open a plugin like CS80 v3 and the email address in it (big no no what if I had been live streaming?) and no option whatsoever to authorize it there.

There needs to be an option to authorize at that point, and it should connect internally to the ASC which has every plugin of V Collection set as authorized. Why is there this problem now? I never had to complain before about Arturia & I really don’t want to be doing this right now.

I fixed it. I first deactivated the licenses, then restarted the software center with my blacklist off and restarted the ASC. So it downloaded an update to the software center. I then reactivated the V Collection.

If I had kept the Software Center blacklisted it would have probably not made the change in my license state of the plugins. I prefer to stay offline. In the future I will be sure to blacklist ASC in my firewall and hope it can’t make this sort of change in my system whenever it feels like. Bad behavior. Not as bad as some Software makers but it is not helping.

I have long known, that the ASC can’t be opened with the firewall blacklist off because it just won’t open unless the entire firewall is deactivated. What is the item that is downloading the new update, so I can whitelist it downloading the updates once and for all in my firewall and not have to have these problems?

C:\programdata\arturiasc\arturia software center\temp\updater.exe
it is not an ideal file for me if I can’t set a rule to allow it.
Software makers when will they begin to always include the name of the software so these can be identified and whitelisted. No one who knows anything is not firewalling. So why are the ones in the know hindered this way? Software designers please start seeing intelligent people. It sure would make it easier if there was a functionable executable of the app called “Arturia Software Center Updater”.