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Hi , complete novice and newbie here , just received my minilab 2 and created account and registered product however when i’ve tried to install software on my chromebook it says not compatible , can i only download on to a pc with windows ? I’m not much of a tech head so any help much appreciated , thanks in advance.

Hi @orbitalforest and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

I’m afraid Arturia do not support Chrome OS, which is what your Chromebook runs on, so it’s not possible.
If you have a windows or Mac computer instead you should use that instead.


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Thanks for that mate , i should have checked beforehand but didn’t even think , like i say i’m not much of a tech head but i’m 53 and have always loved electronica style music since the days of Kraftwerk so always wanted to have a dabble at throwing some sounds together , i’ll pick up a cheapish refurb laptop and just check it has enough memory & processor power , i know i’m going to struggle making anything work but it’ll be fun trying , thanks again and merry xmas. :+1:

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Hey @orbitalforest

I think you might be surprised at just how many synthheads are older than yourself… There are A LOT of us about.

You’re in for loads of fun once you get sorted!

Let us know how you get on.


Good to hear there are some older synthheads ( i like that name ) and i’m really looking forward to having a go , much appreciated .

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