Signal on inputs 3/4 is way too quiet. Help?

I can plug my headrush guitar pedal board which is line level set into the front of the minifuse 4 set to instrument and it gives me correct signal. Plugged into the back gives me not even half the signal. Did I miss something here? I need to run stereo line outs to the fuse and use front mic inputs for vox.

Hi @Randyrhoads3 ,

Are you sure you have your pedal board set to line?

According to this it should output +18dBu, if that indeed also is about your board.

According to MiniFuse manual: “Maximum input Level +22dBu”.

Yes. In my global settings it has amp or line. It is set to line. Again it works fine on the front inputs 1/2 but has little to nothing on 3/4. Strange I know.
Yes headrush is +18db.

Have you checked the input 3+4 Trim in the Minifuse control center?
Please consult Section “6.2. Input Features” in the manual.

Yes. When trim is 100% I only get 30 for a reading. I think I might have a bad unit? Even my control center is now greying out my choices for loopback. I had to bust out the scarlett to see if I was losing my mind LOL. No don’t make me do that. I’m trying to replace it. Love me some Arturia though. ; )
I also reinstalled and nothing changed.
Thank you LBH for your help here.

Hi again @Randyrhoads3.

I’m not sure how the trim work. Have you checked in the other direction? Perhaps it’s more sensitive towards zero?

If not, then i can’t tell if you have a bad unit. I can suggest you ask Arturia support.
If the device is under warranty, then you perhaps also can get it tested, replaced or refunded?

You could try to connect another Line out device, if you have one, and test that way.

Thank you LBH. After going thru alot of testing I ended up returning it. Sad day it was. Will try again. ; )
It happens. Arturia rules though!!

It should have worked, i would say. It’s a shame it for some reason did’nt. Better luck next time.