Sidechain for carrier?

I’m not finding anything in the manual about being able to use a sidechain input for using a different source than the internal polyphonic synthesizer. I’ve successfully set up the Vocoder V plugin with a sidechain voice input within Camelot Pro to route a microphone plugged into the audio/MIDI interface, but I’d really like to have the option to do the same with a hardware synthesizer or another instrument plugin for the carrier as well. There’s a particular thing I’d like to do with a filter sweep in the carrier synth that the built-in synth can’t.

Hi @NewNumbers ,

You should be able to route any audio signal to the sidechain input for the modulator, when a host support this kind of routing.

You unfortunately can’t change the Carrier source in Vocoder V.
I also don’t know how many DAW’s that accept more than one audio signal to be passed to a plugin in this case if both modulator and carrier should be external.

It was suggested in the Camelot Pro support group on Facebook that it would be nice if a vocoder plugin could act like an effect, in which case I could precede it with the instrument of my choice (hardware or plugin) for use as carrier. Don’t get me wrong; it’s nice that Arturia’s Vocoder V plugin has a built-in synthesizer and from what I have been able to tell thus far it has been deliberately designed to be a nice harmonically-rich vocoder carrier. But I can also foresee wanting to do some things with the carrier that that built-in synthesizer can’t do.

Even if it could be used as a effect plugin, then you would still need a carrier and a modulator audio input to do what you ask for. I don’t know how many hosts that can do that.
When a host can route audio to a instrument plugin like Vocoder V, then it actually can act as an effect, when the audio input is in use.

That’s just it. I’ve got the routing worked out in Camelot Pro to send mic signal to the voice input of the Vocoder V plugin via sidechain, but it would be nice for the plugin to have the option of either bringing in the carrier input as though it were an effect plugin or by side-chaining a carrier input in from another analog audio input or another instrument plugin instead of only being able to use the plugin’s internal synthesizer as a carrier.

While the manual might not explicitly outline this functionality, there could be potential workarounds or additional settings to explore within Camelot Pro or the Vocoder V plugin itself.

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I have 6 or 7 software vocoders and many allow another instrument / wav / mp3 file as the carrier with my voice as the modulator. However only a few of them are half decent. I think the Vocoder is a very good vocoder, just missing the alternative source option for carrier. Has there been any update on this? Is there a way of requesting new features within Arturia?