Shift Pads by 8 in Ableton

The integration is in Ableton is very handy. When I use the pads for drum input, I can only ever use the 8 pads. Switching to bank B doesn’t work there, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Ableton Drums, often more than 8 or 16 instruments!

Why can’t I transpose the pads with Shift, that would be a great feature, I don’t think they thought this through here?

Possibly other users think so too, and we can persuade Arturia to implement this?

Best regards

Hi @eniwhere welcome to our community!

I don’t have problems with Minilab 3 and Ableton, but let’s find what could happen.

1.- Check if the midi notes of the ableton Drum Rack are different from the midi CC you have on you Minilab cause I did that right know and I don’t have that problem. Maybe the instrument you have or you do has other CC midi notes, check if this helps you.

2.- The transpose in the pads don’t work cause the way to do that is assigning Midi CC in the Minilab on Midi Control Center and with the Octave buttons you transpose the eight pads, I explain well?

I hope this will help you! See you around!