Shift+OCT arp modes don't work with 1step (Gate) clock?

When the KeyStep has clock sync set to “1step (Gate)” the SHIFT+OCT functions to extend the arpeggiator range across multiple octaves no longer works its magic.

Searching across the forums of the net, it seems this has been an issue since the SHIFT+OCT feature was added to the original KeyStep. It’s a big bummer that this hasn’t been fixed w/ the 37, as it really limits the Keystep when using external triggers from drum machines or the BSP. This does seem more like a bug than a technical limitation.

It would be incredible if a new firmware might happen in the future that fixes this, letting the KeyStep live up to it’s full potential when used with drum machine triggers. (I wonder what the likelihood might be for a future update?)

Hi @bliplap

We are sorry for this inconvenience, I double checked and this is referenced on our end, I just followed up on this bug and will bring it back up to the team to have this addressed for both references.