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I sometimes think OPXa V doesn’t get all the love it deserves. I have been spending some time with it, creating patches and am very impressed… and I say that as a die hard Pigments user.

A few days ago I was creating patches. Having just completed one, I started doodling on the keyboard. I must say here I am not a keyboard player, can’t read music and let the DAW do the heavy lifting. However, inspired by the sound and without thinking, I created this track in one take, added three more instances of the same patch and some lush REV LX-24. Within 30 minutes I had a completed track. I think it harks back to my first musical experiences, listening to the Classical radio in the 60’s.

The track is here:

The patch is attached:
OP-Xa_Preset_Puffed Out.obxax (33.4 KB)


Hey @Funtmaster it’s great to have you here!
Thanks for sharing your sounds specially for this special date of Fête de la Musique !

Let’s keep exploring :zap:

I like the music you made with this sound as well.

Although, I went to your BandCamp earlier and was captured by 4AM at the Border of the Marsh from Okefenokee as a long time (old) TD fan. May have to buy some…

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Thank you. Long time TD fan myself - Froese/ Franke/ Baumann/ Schmoelling of course :). My music free on Bandcamp tho you still have to go thru the checkout. Enjoy!