Setting up the DAW

I’ve downloaded the Keylab along with the ASC and purchased the V Collection 9 along with the Pigments. I’ve imported the Analog Lab Sounds…

It would be “all systems go” except for the fact that the DAW is not yet seen by my Mac Studio. What do I need to do to operate my Logic X studio software from the Arturia Controller…one of the main reasons I purchased it was to be able to control the recording and editing aspect of Logic without too much using the mouse to do things. I set the internal software setting to Logic X and set my magnetic cards in place but there is virtually no response whatsover when I enter DAW mode in the Keylab mk 2.



I think you might have to add further explanation with regards to how far you’ve currently got, particularly when you say your DAW is not recognised by your Mac Studio. Your DAW is Logic. You have been able to open Logic, yes?

I’m guessing what you actually mean is your controller is not recognised by Logic. There are tutorials on YouTube regarding how to tell Logic which controller to use (search for using a midi keyboard with Logic pro…there are dozens), but as much as anything, read the actual manual.

Logic Pro User Guide (

The section you need is from page 123 onwards.

LMGTFY: Let Me Google That

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Thank you, Jon.