Setting up Keylab Essential 61 Mk3 with Cubase 13

I’ve been trying to set up my new KL Essential 61 Mk3 in Cubase 13, but I’m only finding Arturia’s KL Essential 61 pre-loaded into Cubase. I tried using that one thinking it might be the Mk3, but when I see the layout, it’s a completely different keyboard. I’ve looked around and not been able to find the Scripts needed to pull up in Cubase 13 for the Mk3. Does anyone know if these have been placed somewhere? And how I would go about getting them loaded so I can use the control on the keyboard for Cubase?

Hi, you can find the integration here:

Scroll to the Cubase section, you’ll see a link “here”. Click it and you’ll get the script downloaded with the installation instructions.


I am curious if this worked well for the OP… I am on the verge of getting this controller and I use Cubase Pro 13 currently. The note that goes with the article says to update to Cubase 12… so a little behind perhaps?

Fortunately no, since MIDI Remote update from CB 12 to 13, included just two things, none of which is relevant to the Keylab. It was mostly about touch sensitive faders.

I see where I created the folder before but forgot to drop the scripts in there. I got it working this time. The only other issue is it looks like the surface loaded is on the 49 and not the 61 layout. Will I encounter any issues? Or is there a 61-key version out there for the mk3?

No, the integration is identical, since the control surface is identical.

Good to know. Thanks.