Setting up drumbrute impact to record individual channels

I don’t understand how to connect my Drumbrute Impant to my Evo 16 interface. The Drumbrute impact has 8 channels but only 4 outputs. My interface has 8 inputs. I want be able to record each of the 8 channels of the Drumbrute separately in my DAW., but i don’t understand how to do this, given it only has 4 outputs

Hi @hobbah72 ,

You can’t it look like. Please read about the outputs in the manual.
When you use a individual output, then that will not go out the MIX output. So you should be able to get 4 individual outputs and 1 Mix output with the rest of the instruments. That’s how i understand it. I do not have a Drumbrute Impact though.

The manual details this, but it’s a bit buried. Basically you can have up to five outputs:

• Kick drum (labeled 3.5mm output)
• Snare and Snare 2 (labeled 3.5mm output)
• Closed HH and open HH (labeled 3.5mm output)
• FM (labeled 3.5mm output)
• Everything else (the 1/4" mono output) - Cymbal, Cowbell, toms

Note that if you do not use an individual output, that sound will be routed through the “Everything else” output. Also note that the distortion effect is only applied to whatever is on the “Everything else” output.

If you wanted to achieve each voice on its own track in a DAW you could do do multiple passes and mute things so that each output only had one voice on it per pass:

  1. Connect all five outputs to your DAW 5 inputs.
  2. Mute Snare 2, closed HH, Cymbal, Cowbell
  3. Record
  4. Now, mute Kick, Snare 1, Open HH, FM, and toms
  5. UNMUTE snare 2, closed HH, Cymbal
  6. Record again the same stuff on new tracks
  7. Now mute everything except cowbell and track that

I have not tried this, but it should work. The only caveat is that the HH’s choke each other so depending on what you are programming, doing multiple passes may not result in the same thing, but you could certain choke/gate them inside the DAW.