Setting BPM in AL - Standalone

Im not sure if this should be a feature request or if im missing it… but I can see in settings, to adjust the BPM globally for the whole app, but is there no way to set a bpm for a song.?

I can see the 2 workarounds are to either edit any seq presets to use a specific BPM rather than ‘Sync’. or to use as a vst in a DAW - and set the DAW bpm. The Daw seems a bit overkill. - when happy using in standalone and save as much memory as possible.

Im using a basic keys controller and a minilab mk2, can anyone confirm if I can set BPM on Analog Lab V using an Keylab Essential Mk3 or a Keylab MK2 in standalone?

Hi @benjiblanco. Welcome to the community.

Afaik you only have the setting in the Audio and midi settings. Could be great if a midi CC could be assigned to control the tempo.
I understand your song tempo setting idea when in standalone mode. Not sure how that would/ can work when in a DAW though.

Feel free to create a feature request.

I don’t think the two Arturia controllers can set external midi tempo unless a control can be assigned to do so. But you can check the manuals. They are available on the products and download sites.

Thanks for the reply… when i say DAW - i really mean something like Mainstage - where you can set the tempo for each ‘song’ in mainstage, and it sends bpm to sync ALV tempo based seqs etc.

Doesnt look the the controllers can send bpm -,so yep perhaps a feature request. be nice to see it along with a ‘master Tuning’ setting too.