Sequencing with Prophet REV2

Hi, I’m pretty new to synths etc and I was wondering if it would be possible to achieve the following?


  • Rev2 Desktop
  • Roland RD88 Keyboard
  • Arturia Beatstep Pro (BSP)


  • RD88 midi out to BSP midi in
  • BSP midi out to Rev2 midi in

Desired Outcome:
I’d like to create a sequence, have that sequence run while I play live on my keyboard.


  • Firstly, can I live record/enter a sequence into the BSP using my RD88
  • Do I need to use multimode
  • If so, do I run that sequence using a midi channel for layer A of my Rev2 while I play live on the RD88 using another midi channel for layer B

Hope I have explained that well. Thanks.