Sequencer Sync Questions

Playing with the Sequencer in the MS20V… I have a few questions and comments.

How can I sync the Sequencer to external audio triggers? Here’s where I’ve begun…routing a audio percussive loop to the sidechain from DAW (Logic). Patch Ext In to ESG Sig In. ESG Trig Out to KBD Trig In. Now how can I get the Sequencer to advance to the ESG Trig Out too? Routing the ESG Trig to the Clock Speed Mod has some interesting yet inconsistent results. It would be nice to get these things all locked together in time… specifically with a Trigger In / Advance on the Sequencer.

Can you use Clock Speed Modulation when in Sync mode? You can get some more interesting timings by modulating the Clock Speed by a Sequencer Row (or other voltage source). That seems to work fine when the Clock is in Hz mode but is erratic in Sync Mode. Ideally you should be able to flip between different Sync Rates via voltage to achieve a pseudo-ratchet effect.

The Sequencer doesn’t seem to run unless it receives a Key Down from the Keyboard or DAW. It would be great if it could loop in a self-running or hold mode like the original SQ-10, either on the internal clock or advanced by triggers or midi notes.


I don’t know anything about Logic.

In a DAW Korg MS-20 should sync to the DAW tempo.
If your Audio also is synced to that tempo, then everything should be synced.
Is’nt that the case?
Not sure what you mean with “audio trigger”.

You can modulate Korgs Sequencer Clock Speed. Your DAW will Run in it’s own tempo anyway. So it’s how to find a way that work for you.
One way to create ratchting effect and keep being in total beat with your DAW is to only have triggers enabled on every second sequencer step by default. Then you manually can enable triggers for the other steps. This example give you double notes ratcheting.

Hi LBH. Thanks. Here’s what I’m doing: a drum loop is running in Logic and is sidechain routed to the ESP. I want to take the triggers from the ESP and use them to advance the sequencer steps. It’s not sync as in tempo sync but rather the sequencer is locked to the external drum loop rhythm via ESP triggers. It’s a very handy to get irregularly timed sequences. It seems the Sequencer needs a Step or Trigger input/function and all would be awesome.

On the second thing, modulating the Clock Speed of the Sequencer works fine if the sequencer is free running Hz mode… but it acts screwy/unpredictably in any of the Sync modes. A quick way to test/play is to route the CV output of a Sequencer row to the Clock Speed Mod.

Hi again John_young,

After testing some like you suggest, then i can confirm the the Sequencers Clock Speed Modulation have some quirks. But i actually also think it’s in Hz mode.

I suggest you contact Arturia support about this.

Yeah, it’s definitely a little inconsistent.

Hi @john_young, the sequencer in the MS-20 V is indeed dependent on a MIDI trig to start running. Also it’s worth noting that the sequencer triggers are only triggering the envelopes when one or several keys are played (can work in poly).
This is to comply with the fact that the sequencer was designed to not play by itself when no keys are pressed.

About the Clock Speed modulation. Could you be more specific about what is not working for you? I’ll be happy to give you the best possible answer. :satellite:

Thank you

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Thanks, Adrien. I understand the limitation triggering the MS20V sequencer. In the old hardware world, it was useful to route rhythmic sources (like a drum machine) to the ESG and use those triggers to advance each sequencer step through the SQ10’s step input. Oh well, I guess software can’t do everything :slight_smile:

On the clock speed modulation, it performs as expected when the sequence rate is in free-running Hz mode. But if it’s in a synced setting, the sequence behaves erratically. I expected that varying voltages to the clock speed modulation would step the clock through corresponding (and synced) rates (like 1/8, 1/16, etc) for each stage.

You can try it out by patching the output of row A (5v) to the clock speed modulation input and setting the row A knobs to a various different values. Adjust Clock, Speed Mod, etc as needed. If the sequence rate is in Hz mode, each step will have its own corresponding rate/duration… which is handy for creating interesting rhythms. Now if you switch the Sequencer mode to any one of the three sync modes (at any tempo setting), the sequencer will behave erratically, never playing the same pattern twice. I’ve tried a bunch of settings, even turning each stage to zero and it still misbehaves. See for yourself. Thanks again !!

I think a next step trigger and play and stop trigger inputs in the sequencer would be nice to have. Then in example the trigger output from the External Signal Processor could be used as input.

A thing to think about too is the none retrig Loop Sequencer mode. It only work, when playing legato style (which the manual btw does’nt tell). Otherwise it retrigger.
There should be a mode where it does’nt retrigger even when you don’t play legato style.
Such a mode could result in a start/ stop sequence, where it when triggered allway play when a trigger is recieved and stop at trigger off.