Sequencer Probability error in manual

In the 23 January 2024 manual it says that 100% probability is always on, but 100% is always off, and vice-versa.
Also the manual should include that if the probability is set to 0% (always on) then the eraser button has to be pressed (sometimes multiple times if the sequencer is running) to reset the on/off of all notes to on.

It works as described in the manual for me; 100% (top of each slider) always plays that note. I’m not sure why it would be different for you.

Do you maybe have Auto-Regen turned on that keeps setting things differently while playing?

Thanks for responding, I got V5.0.2.4658 of Pigments.
I see where the confusing is, the sliders on the individual notes indeed work 100% on, 0% off, but I’m talking about the general probability slider on the left of the notes.
Drop new Pigments in Ableton Live.
Go to Sequencer tab and switch on.
Drag On/Off probability slider up and down, and see that at 0% all notes are on, and at 100% half the notes are off.

The “On/Off Random Amount” control (small dice icon)?
That’s working correctly. It does not directly control the probability that each note is played, it controls the probability that the Note On/Off is randomized each time a new pattern is generated.

At 100%, each note’s On/Off state is fully randomized (each note’s Probability slider will be enabled/disabled) each time a pattern is generated. At 0%, each note’s On/Off will stay at its current state and not change if a new pattern is generated.

One other thing I noticed is that if you manually set a note’s Probability slider to 0%, On/Off Randomization will never turn that note on.