Sequencer: edit velocity or note value?

After holding a step button for a second or longer we enter the step edit view. There we can change the duration of individual notes in a number of ways: either by touching the matrix buttons or by turning the amount knob.

The display also shows the velocity and note value of each note, yet it seems that these values cannot be modified without replacing the note event itself, i.e. by touching the keyboard. In the case of the note value this either means replacing all notes (when overdub is off) or adding a new note which may lead to another note being dropped when the total number of notes would exceed 6.

Is there a way to edit these note event values numerically instead of entering the notes from scratch?

Actually, I just noticed that you can hold the blue matrix button corresponding to the note event and override just that one by hitting a key. This replaces just the one note, so velocity and note value can be edited without losing other notes.

Alternatively, one of the assignment buttons 1-6 can be held for the same effect. There just doesn’t seem to be a way to edit these values numerically with the amount knob, but I don’t mind that too much.

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