Seek Help using CC#s 20 Thru 26 on Faders/Knobs So They Won't Trigger DAW Transport

I have several custom templates using CC#s 20-26 (MIDI Ch 1) on Faders & Knobs. Those same CC#s trigger the transport controls in DAWs Garageband & Live Lite. The opposite is also true: transport controls affect settings on the synths. I’ve tried changing the transport controls’ MIDI channels out of the synths’s MIDI channel range but the Faders/Knobs using CC#s 20-26 still trigger the DAWs’ transport controls. I’ve reset the Keylab E’s transport not to send CC#s but then the Keylab’s transport controls don’t work. Arturia support does not understand the issue.

Does anyone here have a workaround so using CC#s 20-26 (MIDI Ch 1) on Faders & Knobs won’t also trigger the DAWs’ transport controls & visa versa? Thanks!

Hello J49!

I have a similar problem, a map some midi keys or pad to trigger things in ableton and they doo other things too. I solve it in preferences turning off some “yellow squares” (i’m working with ableton), and and sometime de box that says the name of the controller if it is not the same controller, it have some issues. I might be wrong but it happened to me and solve it with that. If you can write down your DAW, or send a video to see perfectly what’s the problem, it could help.

Thanks for the suggestion VFertorandez! I am using Garageband, Logic Pro & Live Lite. My custom Templates using CC#s 20-26 cause the transports in all three DAWs to trip. I don’t have a full copy of Live but I have tried changing all the MIDI settings in Live Lite. I just downloaded Logic Pro so maybe I can find a solution changing its settings.

A ok I understand, well sorry I couldn’t help you but if still having the issue the best is to send a ticket directly to the Support on the Arturia’s web site.

Your welcome!

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Hi !
I had the same problem and in the end I had to fix it with a custom midi script and import it into my daw which in my case was ableton, I hope maybe that gives you an idea.


Thanks for the info! It does indeed give me an idea or two.